Miley and the VMA’s

I don’t know about ya’ll but I have heard far too much about Miley Cyrus and her performance at the VMA’s.  But I may differ for my reasons.

Just about every news media from TV to local radio stations have covered the story and every time I heard or read something, there always seemed to be a derogatory slant towards Miley.  Our same media who seems to support the Anti-Bullying campaign in turn becomes part of the bullying frenzy against Miley Cyrus as they mixed their own tough opinions with other famed personality, causing animosity to spread across the airways triggering social media hate campaigns among the general population.  Even those who do not support Slut Shaming seemed to jump on the social media Miley band-bashing wagon.  I hate to be rude, but give me a fucking break…or in this case, give this young ex-Disney girl one.

VMA performance (with Miley Cyrus)

First of all, she is not a minor nor is she the Disney star she once portrayed.  Hannah Montana was a fictional character, with fake scenes and a fake dialog.  Miley Cyrus however is a young twenty year old female in the prime of her life.  Do you remember what it was like being twenty years old, in the club, dancing, having fun?  No, we may have not done our dancing on a VMA stage but this young woman grew up on TV and on a stage.  This is just another party for her.  She is enjoying life and she was expressing herself in the way she knows how.

The part that really bothers me… she was not on that stage alone.  There were many other provocative females shaking and twerking right with her.  And let’s not forget Mr. Robin Thicke whose song and video promoted this type of performance (even the fake hand).  Once again, the men, who go unscathed, seem to be an innocent bystander why the women get all chopped up by the media and a very cruel, hypocritical American society.

Blurred Lines (unrated version)

I don’t know why everyone was so up in arms about it really.  Hollywood has been producing videos of half-naked women dancing around fully clothed blameless males for years.  Apparently, it is to please an audience.  What audience would that be?  Well, I have to assume since the men are fully clothed and the women are half naked, that would be a male audience.  You see ladies; it seems it still is a man’s world.



Justin Timberlake (Explicit)

The message is clear.  Men can exploit women anytime and have been doing so for ages (let’s not forget Girls Gone Wild) but when a strong woman does it for herself, she gets pounded with critiques and insults.  What kind of bullshit is that?

Not too long ago, Nicki Minaj (whom I love) performed a twerking lap dance for Lil Wayne on stage at the Billboard Music Awards.

Billboard Music Awards (Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne)

Funny how this didn’t hit the media airways like Miley’s did.  Is it because Miley had a Disney image to maintain?  Since Miley was a Disney star, does that make her more vulnerable and susceptible to social ethics than others?  Maybe it’s because Miley is from rural Kentucky and Nicki’s from New York?  Or maybe it’s because Miley is white and Nicki is black?  Yes, I do feel that society views these two races differently.  Society likes to fit people and races and genders into certain stereotypes.

Sir Mix-a-lot

Sex sales!  We hear it all the time.  Apparently it is true because we can’t go anywhere without seeing provocative pictures, videos and commercials trying to sell or promote a product.  And most times, it seems the female body promotes the most sales.  Let’s face it ladies, men like stripping us down, pimping us out and putting labels on us (good girls, bad girls, slut, prude, tease, freaky, trashy, easy, bimbo, cougar, or my personal favorite, BITCH!).

Rihanna – S&M

It’s time we wake up and smell the coffee.

I say collect that paycheck and ROCK ON, ladies!  Most of all stay strong, confident and sexy!

Christina, Pink, Lil Kim, Mya, (and Missy)