Divine Intervention

Do you believe in divine intervention?

I learned about divine intervention many years ago.  Silent Unity talks about divine intervention in great lengths and detail.  It is one of the most important aspects of the Silent Unity teachings.

I can’t tell you how many times in my life I have experienced divine intervention.  And every time, it blows my mind.  Sometimes I giggle with amusement, wondering who really is in charge of our life, like there are angels up there guiding our path, sometimes almost puppet like.

Today was a fine example of just that.

My son left early this morning.  He is volunteering with his youth group for a Silent Unity Prayer breakfast.  Unity of Dallas has hosted this event for the last few years.  We come together with Unity churches around the Southwest region.  Ministers, Licensed Unity Teachers, Members and Guest visit, and a keynote speaker comes down from Silent Unity.  There is prayer, fellowship and to be honest, a spiritual awakening that occurs both within and around.

I didn’t attend the Prayer Breakfast this year because I needed to take my car into the shop and have my side mirror replaced that had gotten broken.  Ken from Midas ordered the part and called me yesterday to tell me I could bring in my car today to have it fixed.  So I got ready this morning and went down to Midas.

One of the gentlemen, Binoy, behind the front desk asked me if I was leaving my car with them.  I told him that I hadn’t planned on it.  Getting my car serviced is usually a great opportunity for me to just relax and catch up on my reading.  Today, I brought Heaven Is For Real.  Binoy said they were shorthanded and I may have a long wait, two or more hours.  I informed him that I was by myself and I had no way of getting a ride back home.  He tells me, “No problem, I will give you a ride.”  Now I have been going to this Midas for at least five years.  I really do love these guys.  They are friendly, honest and respectful.  And they never try to sell me anything additional.  Whenever I need to take a long trip out of town or state, I take my car to them.  I trust them to service my car.  They’ve even given me a coupon credit when I didn’t have the coupon with me.  They are just that kind of shop.  But never before have they ever offered to give me a ride.  Then I explained that I’m a single mom (from out of state) and don’t know of anyone who can bring me back to the shop to pick up my car later.  Binoy said, “I will come pick you up.”


We get in the car; have a nice conversation and Binoy drops me off at the apartments.  Just as he is leaving, I realize that I have no key to get into my apartment.  I left my car keys with the guys at the shop.  Since I always wait, it never crossed my mind to remove my apartment key.  I chuckle at myself and my predicament for a moment.  Then I decided to call the leasing office.  I explained my situation and asked them if I could borrow a key to get in my apartment.  They said sure and told me to stop by the office to pick it up.  I said, “I’m walking that way right now.”

As I am walking inside the apartment complex down to the front leasing office, I see a lady in a van slow down and lean forward to look at me, as if the person recognizes me.  The passenger window rolls down and it is Allison and her daughter who I just happen to know from our Unity Church for the past seven years or longer.  She looks about as surprised to randomly see me as I am to see her.  Especially since our church is about twenty-five miles away from where I live.  I asked her what is she doing in our area.  She said her daughter had a birthday party to attend.  Allison got lost inside the apartment complex trying to find the building and apartment that was hosting the birthday party.  We have a large apartment community with 18 buildings and 415 units.  It is very easy to get lost.

I tell her my story (why I just happen to be walking around in the apartment complex) and tell her I can get in and help her find the building.  We drove towards the front and find the building she is looking for; which, by the way just happens to be right next to the leasing office.  How about that?  It was a win-win for both of us.

That’s divine intervention.

The next time you are in a situation where things seem to be going wrong; take a deep breath, wait on divine guidance and allow divine intervention to take place.


All things work together for good…  – Romans 8:28Image