Birth Mother Video

Hard to believe women were treated this way.  And this is in America and not all that long ago.  And I ask again, where were the fathers.  Not being strapped down to a table.  These women along with many many other women were treated like livestock; pulling out the calf so they could sell it to the highest bidder.


I was so very surprised to learn that my second born son’s school district did not honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr’s Day this year.  I am not sure about years past.  I have never heard of a school not honoring this day (my first born son, who lives in Texas has had this day off since Kindergarten) and I wondered how rare or common place this is in our country so I decided to do a Google search.  I came upon this article from 2013.

On The Decision to Not Observe MLK Day

Black Adoptees Talk About Growing Up in Transracial Families.

“If you’re going to adopt kids, it’s the white parents’ obligation to shepherd them in same-race maturation,” he said. “When you have a transracial family, mixed-race family, you’re going outside the normal. Somebody has to be uncomfortable and it shouldn’t be the child. … Your child should not be your first black friend. That’s the bottom line. If you don’t know no black people, why are you trying to bring one to your home?”  Read more in link below…

3 Black Adoptees Speak About Growing Up with White Parents