In the story of One Woman’s Choice, the memoir and this blog, I dig deep within the emotions and issues that women face every day (abortion, adoption, single parenting, and mixed-racial families).  I relate the emotions, fears and thought process that emerges from an unintended pregnancy.  Each scenario and course we choose is different and unique for every female about how we move forward in our pregnancy.  And there are many factors that can alter or change an outcome.

I look back from time to time.  How growing up as part of a blended family (half siblings, step parent), as a hearing impaired child, growing up without my biological father who was sentenced to life in prison when I was four, deeply impacted my life in unique ways, both mentally and emotionally.

This blog provides a step by step account of one woman’s experience and how those choices took shape in my life and continue to impact me and my family.

One Woman's Choice Book Cover

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  1. Hi I am a birth mother who son was adopted at the age of 4 years old.It was heart breaking situation for me.My Son is now 24 years old and I had dinner with him for his birthday it was very emotional.God is restoring our relationship. I would like to .know if you have any support groups that I could go to for the mother’s that have gone through the pain and shame of giving their child up for adoption. I have had a lot of healing in this area however more emotions have surfaced since I saw my son.


    • Hi Camilla. I know of some local support groups in Texas. I can give you their number. 817-922-6085. This is Gladney Adoption Services, located in Ft Worth, TX. They have a birth mother’s support group the first Tuesday of every month. They may be able to locate a local support group in your area.

      It is very natural to have emotions resurface after reuniting with your son. These issues are never easy for all involved. As you and I both know, healing is an ongoing process.

      Thanks so much for stopping by and reaching out.

      Wishing you all the best as you and your son move forward into the next chapter.


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