Hearing Loss: Stand Up And Be Counted

Living With Hearing Loss

It is exciting to see hearing loss getting more attention. I recently wrote about the groundbreaking report from the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) which declared hearing loss “a significant public health concern” and made a series of recommendations for “institutional, technological and regulatory change to enable consumers to find and fully use the appropriate, affordable, and high-quality services, technologies, and support they need.” You can read that post here.

Several members of the NAS report team were at the most recent HLAA Convention, and each encouraged the sponsors of the report to work together to spur action. “Without implementation of the recommendations,” one of the NAS team commented, “the report is not worth much more than the paper it is written upon.” I left the Convention feeling a growing sense of urgency from the attendees as well as the leaders in the industry that now is the time to make change happen.

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