Why Is It Still OK To Make Fun of Hearing Loss?

Living With Hearing Loss

“Do you mind if I switch seats with you? I have a hearing loss and it would help if I had a better view of the speaker,” I asked a well-dressed man at a recent lunch meeting. “What?” he replied with a smirk, not because he didn’t hear me, but because he was making a joke. Seeing my grim smile in return, he continued, “I guess you have probably heard that one before.” That is an understatement.

If I had asked him to switch seats because I had trouble seeing or because I was recovering from surgery and needed extra space for my bandaged foot, I don’t think I would have gotten a joke as the reply. In this modern world, where making fun of people based on race or religion or mental stability is no longer tolerated – and rightly so – why is it still ok to make…

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