Great video, inspirational story…

I remember when my son Jaren was born and there was something wrong. His initial Apgar score was a 4.

The doctor, after pulling him out, gave him to the nurse and the anesthesiologist who placed Jaren in an incubator and then began to resuscitate him. He was my first born so I didn’t understand all that was going on or the seriousness of it all. I called over to him and said, “Come on Jaren.” Within seconds, Jaren began to breathe. I don’t know if my voice made a difference or not but I would like to believe that it did.

These parents followed their own instincts and their heart. When we do this, it will always lead us in the right direction. They were divinely guided. God Bless them for sharing this wonderful story.

One Of Their Twins Was Born Dead, But When Mom Holds Him? UNBELIEVABLE!!

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