The DailyShow with Jon Stewart

Good commentary by Jon Stewart. What people don’t understand is that when a person is discriminated against, that’s not what they hope for. It does no favor to talk about it or to experience it. In fact, most people would rather not discuss it.

I can actually compare what it was like living in the USA for 35 years as a white female and then living in the USA as a white mother of a mixed race family. To be honest, I was pretty shocked sometimes and dumbfounded and there were times it took every ounce of my being to keep my mouth shut and not say anything. For two reasons, because even though it was happening to me, if I said something then I am making a big deal over “nothing” because we all know that people are not honest about their internal hate, dislike or discomfort….and secondly because I don’t know what people are capable of doing and I have to consider my family. But I surely didn’t go away smiling. At first, it hurt. I thought how can people treat me this way. I am the same person that I have always been. Nothing about me changed. Then I toughened up.

I’ve had friends who experienced racism (pre-disposed judgement) from someone who knew nothing about them. Don’t get me wrong, I have had other races make unfair racial judgements of me and I get equally offended. But difference is for most white people, it doesn’t end up as a criminal offense or a deadly outcome. Any one person, any one race can be discriminated against but we have to admit that the black, African American race has experienced this injustice far greater than any other race in the history of America.

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