Abortion and Adoption, Ethics and Morals

It seems when we talk about abortion and adoption, ethics and morals seem to be high on the discussion topic.  But let’s really talk about that a little deeper.

If there is one thing I can say about the abortion industry as compared to the adoption industry, I have never seen an advertisement endorsing abortions in the media, magazines, on commercials, highway billboards, website pop-up adds or any other free-open market place trying to promote abortions over giving birth (the internet and commercialized media is loaded with adoption trollers seeking women to relinquish their parental rights).

I’ve never had one person at the abortion clinic try to coerce me into choosing to abort or convince me that having an abortion was my best option over parenting or relinquishing.   I never felt like my body was an investment nor did I feel I was being used for a money making scheme.

And like the adoption agency, the abortion clinic counseled me before having the abortion.  However, the abortion clinic’s approach to counseling was a little different.  If I was having second thoughts, this is where I could stop, check out and go home without feeling guilty.  My body, my right, my choice.

When I went to the adoption agency, Pro-Choice campaigners (who support all woman’s choices) were not out there with signs trying to stop me from going in, making sure that no one was coercing me to proceed with my adoption plan, asking me if God really wanted me to give my baby away.

To be fair, I have included two studies below.  The first link relates to abortions.  The second link relates to birthmothers.  As you will see, there are so many factors.  This is not a black and white issue.  It’s not just about a woman making a choice.  It’s more complex than that.



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