Abandoned By The People Who Brought You Into This World

Thought Catalog

I guess, sooner or later, we all end up walking alone — Melissa Etheridge

I’m definitely in the sooner group. I’m a 46-year-old man. I had to accept certain realities in my childhood and one of them was the lack of a family. Both my mother and my father abandoned me. She left me when I was five years old to start her life all over again, and that new life didn’t include her children. She dumped me off with her abusive mother and stepfather, who made it perfectly clear that they had two kids of their own because they didn’t want three. Essentially, she left me in the care of the very people she was running away from. Her parenting skills were nonexistent and, although the 12 years I was living with my grandparents were hell, I believe she actually did me a favor by forfeiting her maternal role. The outcome was the lesser…

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