One Year Anniversary

March marks the one year anniversary for my blog.

It has been a wonderful journey.  With nearly 3000 views, your support has helped me grow and for that I am truly thankful.  Here are some stats…

The two top views on my blog… Views
Home page / Archives 590
One Woman’s choice by Karen Whitaker 99
The top post with the most views…

My Storybook Father

The Birth/Adoption Community 85
The Best Date of My Life 58
Abortion 54
My Choice 50
Unexpected Mother 46
Growing up HOH 42
Look Deeper 38
Single Mom 37
The Gift of Reading 36
My Wedding Day 35
I Dreamed of You… 35
Adversity 31
Mary, The Unexpected Mother 31
Trans-racial, Bi-racial 31
Courage 31
Top Facebook Shares…
My Storybook Father 55 shares
The Best Date of My Life 32 shares
My Choice 30 shares
UNWANTED 27 shares
Adversity 16 shares
The Gift of Reading 10 shares
Single Mom 9 shares
My Wedding Day 9 shares
The Bloggers’ favorites…
The Blame Game 8
The Magic Show 5
Trans-racial, Bi-racial 4
Courage 4
The Birthday/Anniversary Blues, Life After Relinquishment 4
Perception 4

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