Concerned United Birthparents Newsletter

Concerned United Birthparents Newsletter

Love and Loss, my featured article published in the CUB newsletter. Check it out…


This is what Beverly had to say after reading what I wrote for the article.  She continues to inspire me…

“Let me first start by saying that all honour and all glory be to Our Almighty GOD.

I’m very thankful that you thought enough of me to write of me.  It’s not often that I share my personal life with anyone, but that day was special in more ways than you could ever have known.

Out of all the days you had been there on this one day; you out of all the associates had no work nor a seat to sit in.  I’m very grateful that GOD worked it out like that because I needed you and you must have needed me also.  I feel like you needed me due to you sharing your story with me.  

Karen, thanks a million for everything but most of all, thanks for my hugs that you freely give; there comforting.

I will always be here if want to talk, cry, laugh, or just sit in silence.  I have enough strength for the both of us no matter how big or how small it may be.  I will always be here for you.” – Beverly

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