Why This Dad Sued His Kids Mom For $130 Million?

Good for him.

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You think your baby momma or baby daddy is bad?  Jake Strickland is a father, but not married to the child’s mother.  And this Utah resident recently sued the mother of his child for $130 million!  You might think that is quite a bit of money, and there is no possible way she did something that would warrant him to be this upset.  You won’t believe what she did!

Jake is suing Whitney Pettersson Demke, the mother of his son, because the day after their son was born, he was put up for adoption.  She basically kidnapped their son!  And in Utah, the father has rights to fight for custody of his child, and needs to sign off on the adoption papers.  Big biggest wrinkle in the whole thing was her relationship that Jake thought Whitney had recently ended.

In fact, Jake thought Whitney divorced her husband, but she…

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