Open Adoption: Like It’s Our Job*

Sharing this insightful perspective regarding open adoption…

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*For those unfamiliar with the phrase, Urban Dictionary explains “Like it’s my job” to mean,

to do something excessively, repeatedly, or to an extent that it becomes one’s trademark.

Example: I sometimes eat cake LIKE IT’S MY JOB! (No, seriously I do…but I digress…)

I recently attended the Adoption Policy and Reform Collaborative 2013 Conference: Reframing the Adoption Discourse. In fact the first draft of this post was typed on the bus and at various airports while I was coming home this weekend.  However it got lost in the interwebz, so bear with me in my sleep-deprived-less-than-coherent recreating of it.

During one panel Tara Linh Leaman said, “It’s not the adoptee’s job” She was referring to the expectation some have that those who were adopted trans-ethnically must educate others about race, but it reminded me of so much more. I often hear things from parents like, “We’ll take our…

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