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Length of stay in U.S. foster care

Length of stay in U.S. foster care (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This post below was posted on a community message board that I follow.  It is for the birth/adoptive community and is for sharing our stories and any issues we may have so others can relate or provide some insight.  It is not a marketing tool or website to obtain infants or children.  I think fostering children is a great service to the community and our country.  But that is what fostering means.  Temporary placement.

“Hey everyone! My step mom desperately wants a baby but my dad is unable to have anymore. Our family has been fostering for years and its always sad when we have to give the child back to the parents. My stepmom is willing to go through an agency, I just wanted to see what is out there. If anyone knows of someone looking to give their child up for adoption or if you are please please contact me!”

This post is exactly the type of thing that can be upsetting for birth parents and I suppose adoptees and others as well.  This seems so nonchalant as if she is advertising for a household appliance in the local classifieds of the news paper .  You could replace the word “child” with “vacuum”.

During this Adoption Awareness Month, please be aware of the positive and the negative issues that surround adoption for all involved.

Remember, awareness means being aware of all aspects.  And… being willing enough to change things for the better.


2 thoughts on “Community Board Post

  1. On the upside, if it’s true she’s planning to contact an agency, the reason for this post going up prior to that is probably because she heard the wait is years (which is good because more families are staying together). Hopefully our country is getting closer to being a place where a post like this would get no responses and people wouldn’t bother saying things like this.


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