Meet Brandon of Statistically Impossible

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Open Adoption Bloggers

IMG_3016In honor of Father’s Day, this month’s blogger interview is with Brandon Slider, writer of Statistically Impossible. Brandon’s is a voice we do not hear as often online, that of a birth father in an open adoption. I’ve appreciated his participation in various roundtables and interview projects over the past few years.

For those of you who already follow Brandon’s blog, I hope you enjoy this opportunity to get to know a bit more about him. For those who haven’t yet discovered him, I’m glad to have the chance to introduce you.


Tell us about yourself and your connection to open adoption.

My partner and I placed our son for adoption in 2009. We were living together at the time, but our relationship was still quite young. The most important bonds in our relationship were forged as part of the adoption process. In retrospect it is the same…

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