To My Sisterhood, Motherhood…

Being a single parent can have it’s challenges. But two things that helped me get through were these.

First, God, of course. I prayed often. I asked God to help me be the mother and parent I needed to be in order to teach my son that would put him on his life path. I knew God gave me Jaren for a reason and I wanted to be sure I was the kind of parent Jaren needed in order for him to become the man that he needed to become…to obtain the purpose and reason for his life.

The second was my family and friends. My mother and sister often praised me and told me what a wonderful mother I was. Of course, I lived in Texas and they lived in NJ so they didn’t always see me at my worse but their confidence and praise of my parenting skills helped me keep striving. And my friends, co-workers, and even church members of various ethnicity complemented me and would tell me what a great job I was doing.

Now… I am in no way a perfect mom. I surely cannot take all the credit for my son because he is wise beyond his years. But knowing all these people believed in me and my parenting skills made all the difference in the world. They gave me hope and helped me believe in myself. So for that…I say…THANK YOU!

2 thoughts on “To My Sisterhood, Motherhood…

  1. Your welcome my dear’s nice to know how much your family, and friends made a difference by telling you we believe in you and you striving to do your best as a single parent and most of all believe in yourself..The proof is in the package. You are absolutely right, Jaren is a very mature young man for his age and you are blessed to have such a loving son but you also raised him to be that beautiful person and a child of God. Thank you, I love you and inspiring words for mothers and sisterhood !!!!


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