NYC publicly blaming Teen Moms for unplanned teen pregnancies.

Shame on you NYC for blaming Teen Moms!  I’m pretty sure Teen Moms didn’t go to a sperm donor shop and have them implant her just so she could become a Teen Mom.  Oh, well….. maybe she just magically created the baby with her magic wand so she could have a baby?  The truth is, some male, probably a Teen Dad, eagerly participated in the making of the baby.  Look, if you truly feel that a child is doomed for failure in life because he/she had a teen, single-parent, which is a strong, far-reaching stereotype, than the least you could do is add Teen Dads to this poster, too.  Stop blaming and shaming females for unplanned pregnancies.  Maybe you should create a poster for THAT concept.  Then maybe, just maybe… we may begin to see change in this country.

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